The Fear Pandemic

Have we lost our minds? Have we learned nothing from the past? What could possibly inspire millions of seemingly rational people to engage in a mass human experiment with a minimally-tested brand-spanking new technology with potentially dire results? I'm talking about the mRNA COVID vaccines, of course, and the answer is simple. Fear. We are … Continue reading The Fear Pandemic

Vaccination Passports

With 2021 and a big government Biden-Harris administration looming just around the corner, some Americans are nervously facing the specter of vaccination passports. The land of the free and the home of brave has mutated into a nation of safe spaces and protection from hurtful speech, so you can bet your stimulus check the government … Continue reading Vaccination Passports


The moment we feared - those of us with our eyes open -- is upon us. Coronavirus, no longer happy to be last year's COVID-19, is mutating into a more highly infectious form. So far, the new strain has been detected in England and a slightly different version in South Africa. That alone should send … Continue reading COVID-20

Paradise Lost

One of my favorite YouTubers for bug out videos is a Canadian named Shawn James. Shawn's two channels -- My Self Reliance and Shawn James Off Grid are a wealth of well-produced videos for the DIY off-grid enthusiast. You can watch Shawn build a beautiful back woods cabin, with no help, completely by hand. No … Continue reading Paradise Lost

Double Vision

Now you see it - now you don't. Seems everybody can have their own truth these days, but it's darn hard to keep track of what's what when that truth keeps changing. There was a time when CNN reported that Dominion Voting Systems' Smartmatic software was used to switch votes in a Venezuelan Election. Today? … Continue reading Double Vision