The Fear Pandemic

Have we lost our minds? Have we learned nothing from the past? What could possibly inspire millions of seemingly rational people to engage in a mass human experiment with a minimally-tested brand-spanking new technology with potentially dire results?

I’m talking about the mRNA COVID vaccines, of course, and the answer is simple.


We are so terrified of a disease with a 99.7% survival rate, a disease that primarily kills people over the age of 70, that we have thrown caution to the winds and are plunging forward with barely a glance backwards because we think we have no choice. The economy is at stake, hospitals could be overwhelmed, people are desperate to return to a normal life. We must do this, and now!

Consider this:

  1. The new vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are not vaccines in the traditional sense. They are intermediaries that use synthetic genetic materials to tinker with the body’s cells, causing it to produce a protein against which the body mounts an immune response. Traditional vaccines use the proteins themselves, bits of dead material from an actual virus.
  2. They are not approved, in the usual sense. They have only been given emergency use authorization.
  3. There has been no long-term testing. How could there be? If this turns out to be a huge mistake it will be too late for billions of people, and there will be no turning back.
  4. There’s no proof yet that the vaccines will even prevent infection, only evidence they prevent disease. If they don’t prevent infection, we could be creating a tidal wave of asymptomatic carriers.
  5. We don’t know if they will even work against new mutations. And there are already new mutations.
  6. There is already some evidence of severe allergic reactions, potentially fatal. People have been hospitalized. There are also reports of the vaccines causing Bell’s Palsy, a partial paralysis of the facial muscles.

We are basing our decisions, in part, on numbers from a PCR test that is known to generate false positives. And in part on deaths, only 6 percent of which, according to the CDC, are from COVID alone. The other 94 percent were among people with comorbidities, conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. Many of these people had little time left without COVID. Many have already lived more than a normal lifespan.

We are basing decisions on fear, even though we have lived for ages with the flu. We know it can kill, but we never closed restaurants or gyms or schools. We’ve had a flu vaccine for years, and we still have the flu, and we don’t panic. We’ve had some bad years too, in 1958 and 1968, but we continued to live our lives and nothing was shut down. We didn’t live in fear.

Today we live in fear.

And then there’s the money, billions of dollars of it to be made by a powerful industry with the best lobbyists money can buy. An industry that crippled the Affordable Care Act’s ability to negotiate drug prices. An industry known to jack prices up by unconscionable levels, simply because they can. An industry that created, knowingly, a massive opioid addiction catastrophe. An industry which has made mistakes in the past, mistakes resulting in brain damage and birth defects. But this time, this time is different. They are the good guys, and we trust them.

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