Formula News

Most nights I watch NBC Nightly News, not because they are more or less accurate or biased than the other major new channels, but because they package everything into a single, commercial-free YouTube. I can catch up on what the MSM is saying (and not saying) at my leisure. There are clear patterns to NBC's … Continue reading Formula News

Banned Lawsuits

Attorney Sidney Powell filed two lawsuits alleging election fraud on November 25. These are public documents, but Twitter has (at this writing) blocked access to her site. Here are the links.

Lockdown 2.0

The assaults on personal freedom are spreading faster than coronavirus. The governors of Washington, Oregon and California are asking people to end non-essential travel. And some are hinting that pretty soon, requests could become requirements. Like a lot of the lockdown nonsense, these arbitrary rules make no medical sense at all. For example in Oregon:Persons … Continue reading Lockdown 2.0