The Covid Games

These barely United States of America are looking more and more like the dystopian word of Panem, the fictitious nation in The Hunger Games where the country was divided into 12 Districts to keep the rebellious plebs in line while the ruling class doled out favors and punishments as it saw fit.

Yellow means something different in each west coast state

Barely a week into a two-week freeze, Oregon adopted a color scheme which, ironically, paints most of that blue state red for extreme COVID danger. Citizens in the red zone must limit indoor and outdoor gatherings to more than 6 people. The rules ease up as the danger levels drop. That big green blob of freedom in the upper center represents Wheeler, Gilliam and Sherman counties, where just under 5,000 people live.

California also uses a 4-tier system, but the science in the Golden State mandates different colors. Washington State puts each county into a Phase, tied to restrictions and liberties. There’s no standardization whatsoever. Even after the West Coast Governors promised to work together on COVID, they can’t even seem to agree on what yellow means.

New York COVID zone restrictions

New York has outdone everybody by dividing not only the state into zones, but mapping New York City into micro zones, each with different rules and restrictions. Colorado dumped the Crayola box onto the table with six different color zones, with an apparent affinity for pastels. Michigan is using a 6-phase model, but at this writing the entire map is purple, the highest danger level.

When we look at all 50 states and consider the enormous duplication of effort (and complete lack of any standardization), the redundancy is astonishing. The coronavirus has created hundreds of new jobs for state employees busily creating state-specific maps and graphs and charts and diagrams — and images to virtue-signal political correctness.

Not only are our barely-united states divided into zones and districts and phases, the nation is divided into 50 different systems for tracking and reporting and regulating COVID. Which is nonsense. Americans routinely cross state and county lines for work and recreation. Can’t get a haircut or visit a restaurant in your county? Drive to a neighboring county or state where the rules are different, or where the local sheriff refuses to enforce them.

The importance of the Bug Out Now philosophy has never been clearer. Everyone living in or close to a city should have a place already established where they can bug out, even if to a simple cabin or a camper. And now we have color-coded maps to show us where to go, where we’ll have the most freedom and the least interference from the ruling elite in District 1.

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