Shit’s Just Inches From Fan

WTF is going on?! Folks are getting fired and retired left and right at the Pentagon. Shown the door. And don’t let it hit you in the ass! Has Trump lost his mind? Is he using his last days in office to indulge in a little Presidential payback? Far from it. We’re getting our first glimpse at the Trump game plan.

First, we need to correct the fable being trotted out by the mainstream media.

Joe Biden is not the president-elect. Not a single state has, at this writing, certified the election. And Trump has not conceded. So nobody is president-elect, vice-president elect or anything close. If these in-the-bag journalist were anything approaching honest they would tell you that things are a already little dicey here. They would admit that CNN and the Associated Press don’t pick the winner. They wouldn’t perpetuate a story that has everybody dancing in the streets when things might go south on us.

They’ve been wrong before. Are you old enough to remember the 2000 election? The MSM was calling Al Gore the President-elect for a month. Bush won. Ooops!

The U.S. President is not selected by a popular vote and, no, this is not a Democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic. And the Constitution says states gotta certify the election. If they do, then electors in each state can vote and select the next Commander in Chief. And those electors can actually vote any damn way they please. Only 29 states require electors to vote as they have pledged. And some states – some! – can disregard the vote of a “faithless” elector.

The States have until December 23 to submit certified electoral votes to Congress. Congress can object to any state’s votes and can reject them. All kinds of messiness can ensue here and if no candidate has enough votes to win, then the House picks the next president and the Senate the next vice president. (So Joe Biden could be teamed with Mike Pence!) Each state’s representatives in the House get one vote – one! Each state has to agree who to vote for with their one vote. And if they can’t select a President, then the Speaker of the House becomes acting President until Congress can decide.

This gives Trump a number of possible ways to keep his job, even if only some, or even none, of his lawsuits prevail. And he knows it. Maybe some states don’ certify the election. Michigan and Pennsylvania have Democrat governors but Republican-controlled legislatures. Maybe there will be faithless electors. Maybe the courts declare ballots invalid.

Bottom line? If Trump keeps his job he knows a whole lotta people are going to go absolutely batshit and the fallout will make summer riots in Portland and Los Angles and Philadelphia and Kenosha look like a Sunday school picnic. It’ll be send-in-the-marines time. Martial law. Checkpoints. Americans will be shot in American streets. The changes in the Pentagon could be preparation for a major meltdown. Trump wants guys who will have his back.

If you have a place to go far from urban areas, I’d make plans to go there. It’s Bug Out time. Get it stocked with some supplies now. Gas up the minivan. Prepare to ride out the storm. Looking back in 2021, well … 2020 could look downright normal.

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