Tightening the Noose

A few days ago I asked why governors are passing rules they can’t enforce and people won’t follow. Since then, it turns out even the governors won’t follow their own rules, like when California head honcho Gavin Newsom attended a 12-person birthday party. Ooops.

Reality hasn’t set in. Maybe the blue states are feeling emboldened by Joe Biden’s less-than-a-landslide win. (Or steal, if you’re the red half of America.) Trump’s on his way out and they can’t wait to chuck all that limited government, individual freedom nonsense.

Pennsylvania is now ordering people to wear masks in their own homes. Anyone who visits PA from another state must get tested w/in 72 hours before entering PA. Pennsylvanians who traveled to other states must follow same rules when coming home.

How will this be enforced? Will they start tracking our smartphones? Will we carry QR codes that get scanned at bridge toll booths and border crossings, grocery stores and office buildings? Or will we, like the people of Greece, be required to text the government before leaving our homes?

In Washington State businesses have to operate at 25% capacity, which for many businesses means a slow death. So what does a barbershop with one chair do? (I have seen one) Only serve 1/4 person? Just send in the head? C’mon.

The crazy thing is, nobody — and I mean nobody — is mandating the one thing that might actually make a difference: a mask that even partially works. Trying to stop virus particles with a cloth mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence. And even N95s are not 100% effective – or even 95% effective. Not even close. They will filter .3 micron particles; coronavirus particles are .12 microns. Some will be trapped, or slowed down. But this cloth mask fantasy is like using a condom with a hole in it. They’ll stop spit. That’s about it.

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