No More Buwwets?!

It may be slowly dawning on the public at large that we have reached a turning point — possibly a tipping point — in the pandemic. Just eight months ago the little potatoes were dancing in the streets, celebrating a Joe Biden victory and the imminent arrival of the vaccines. Wall Street was celebrating too as the money spigots were about to open even wider, if such a thing was possible. Spring came and the masks came off. Red states opened en masse and even blue states finally ended the mandates in time for a brief summer fling.

It was good, wasn’t it? A few months of low case counts and normalcy (weeks if you lived in Oregon or California) and then Delta showed up, full of piss and vinegar and chomping at the bit to outshine the old Alpha. It seems super-spready Delta is catchy, real catchy. Like chicken pox. So catchy, even fully vaccinated people are catching it and spreading it. Look at these stats from Israel, one of the world’s most vaxxed nations.

Fully vaccinated people are getting infected at rates roughly commensurate with their percentages in the population. The vaccines appear to be doing a good enough job at reducing symptoms, cutting down on hospitalizations and deaths, but the good news stops there. This undercuts the divisive rhetoric coming from the Biden administration that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. No, Joe, it isn’t. Delta is a woke virus, which is to say inclusive.

So what’s the point in vaccinating more people? It clearly won’t end the spread, and some experts say vaccines push the virus to mutate and could have the opposite effect. It appears that, like Elmer Fudd in a vintage Bugs Bunny cartoon, the CDC has no more buwwets! Why that wascally viwus! Instead they’ll double down on masking and vaccinating and blaming the “hesitant.”

The little potatoes might do well to consider what will happen if massive numbers of people get too sick to work, or simply won’t work. Lots of things are already in short supply: chips, cars, sunglasses, shipping containers. Now the preppers are rumbling about coming food shortages on social media and this time, well, this time they might be right.

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