First carrot, now stick

We have entered a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic. Despite new evidence that vaccination does not prevent infection with COVID and that fully vaccinated people are spreading the new Delta variant, the powers are mandating vaccinations. Any list I publish here will be quickly out of date, but at this writing New York and California are demanding all state workers get the jab. Several other governors and the Feds are weighing the same for their captive employees. Testing weekly might be an alternative option — for now.

This is despite mounting evidence that there is are safe and effective treatments available via repurposed drugs, in particular Ivermectin, which just got a nod on the Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal.

With potentially tens of thousands of people now requiring mandated weekly testing, what will the impact be on testing centers? How long will the lines be? And who will pay for the weekly tests? So far, we have no clue. My guess is knee-jerk politicians haven’t figured that out yet. Panic is not a helpful ingredient when mixed in with arrogance and incompetence.

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