Are you kidding me!?

Just what are they smoking in those state capitols? As coronavirus sweeps the nation, the governors are clamping down. Flashbacks to March, 2020. Gyms, restaurants closed. Capacity limits in stores. And rules that most people will refuse to follow.

Anybody traveling into or out of California, Oregon or Washington must self-quarantine for 14 days. That’ll make life tough for the hundred thousand plus people who commute between Washington and Oregon every day. They’ll be in endless, permanent quarantine purgatory! Not gonna happen. People will travel. Airports remain open, as do interstate highways.

Equally absurd is the fantasy that people will limit how many family members can come over for dinner. “Sorry, ma, it’s either you or GrandPa — we’re maxed out.” I don’t think so. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has banned all social gatherings inside your own home. That’s right, nobody who isn’t a member of your household can come into your home. For four weeks, or until Jay says OK.

It’s just a matter of time before one of these governators is caught cheating. Conservative radio talk host Lars Larson encouraged his listeners to snap any transgressors and send him the photos. His audience voted overwhelmingly to ignore any orders to cancel the holidays, so it’s a good bet they’d be happy to help out.

Other restrictions include bans on non-essential travel. New Mexico residents are supposed to stay home “except for only those trips that are essential to health, safety and welfare.” Fishing and camping aren’t on the list. Californians have been told to keep masks on between bites when eating out. You can’t make this stuff up.

The governors say they are following the science. Are they? There’s no science that proves exactly 6 feet is a safe distance. Maybe safer than 2 feet, but science has shown that a good cough or sneeze can propel droplets as far as 20 feet.

Only a military state could effectively enforce some of these these rules. But even a military-enforced quarantine failed to stop COVID, a study of several thousand marines showed:

This is America, and most of it, geographically speaking, is solid red. The land of deplorables. In every state there are people who refuse to wear masks. Sheriffs in North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas and Washington have openly refused to carry out orders laid down in their state capitals. It’s like a soft Civil War.

And so the gulf between Americans and our government widens. They pass rules and we laugh derisively, ignore them, break them, and feel no remorse. And then tell ourselves we are a nation of laws.

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