The Edge of Revolt

You say you want a revolution? Sure seems like our clueless leaders are cooking up one heck of a revolt. We’ve watched mayors and governors sit on their hands as rioters destroyed businesses, vandalised public property, committed acts of arson and attacked police. A handful get nabbed and most of them are tossed back on the streets thanks to woke district attorneys’ catch-and-release policies. Now the same leaders who let violent mobs go scot free are threatening to fine and even jail people for having too many people in their homes for Thanksgiving dinner.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown sparked outrage after telling her state “In terms of individuals, I am not asking you. I am ordering you.” The penalties for disobeying her include a $1250 fine and up to 30 days in jail, while the penalty for meth or heroin possession is a $100 fine. Oregon restaurants are closed, employees laid off, but Brown gives Indian casinos a pass because “they’re sovereign nations.”

Apparently not so sovereign in Michigan, where Gretchen Whitmer shuttered gaming along with bowling, ice skating and water parks. Wonder how much COVID might have been spread by water parks in Michigan in late November?

While protesters run free and violate all group size limits, governors are slamming the doors on the rest of us. New Mexico isn’t just closing restaurants, they’ve shuttered golf courses, state parks and historical sites. Washington Governor Jay Inslee waited until after the election to ban any and all visits from friends and family. (Well now you have an excuse not to invite some dreadful relative over for Thanksgiving.) California Governor Newsom figured out COVID was a nocturnal predator and set a statewide curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. In Minnesota, you could get 90 days in jail for socializing. And be fined up to $25,000 for simply threatening to violate the rules.

None of this is sitting well with the unwashed masses or with the people charged with keeping them in line. Sheriffs in conservative counties are making it known they won’t be knock-knock-knocking on anyone’s doors to do a head count. And please don’t bother calling that hotline to rat out your neighbors. We’ve got better things to do.

But sooner or later some zealous cop will bust a mom for taking her kid to the park. Or raid a restaurant that dared to stay open. Naturally this will be filmed and go viral. And maybe that’s when the beleaguered populace shakes off COVID fatigue and descends on a state capitol with torches and pitchforks.

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