Oregon’s Woke Pandemic

It’s an emergency, for sure. Not only do we have a deadly virus sweeping the country, but a plague of political correctness. In progressive states like Oregon the two pathogens have merged to produce offenses like this graphic, posted on Twitter today by Governor Kate Brown.

For readers living in the 49 other states, this is not what the Beaver state looks like. Oregon is, let’s just say, mighty white. In 2016, 76% “identified” as white,
13% Latina(o), 5% Asian and Pacific Islander, 2% African American, 1% American Indian and Alaska Native, and 3% two or more races. America has a strange obsession with classifying Hispanics as another race, when in fact they are Caucasian. In Europe, people from Spain are white people who speak Spanish. And Arabic people are Caucasian too. So 9 in 10 Oregonians are white people.

Now let’s look at this community graphic from the Oregon Health Authority. We count just a handful a white people. The fat chick is cool because, well, props to fat acceptance, right? One of the most prominent women is clearly Muslim, and that guy who looks like Aladdin who must be some kind of Arab. There’s only one old person (the group most at risk from COVID). He might be a white guy with a sunburn. There’s a token Asian woman, even though Asians are the fastest growing ethnic group in Oregon. But Asians excel in school and have beaten whites in income growth. They make lousy victims, so Asians are a problematic minority for the Left.

Nobody here has blonde hair or blue eyes. Nobody looks like a farmer, a rancher, a construction worker, a logger, a fisherman. Nobody wearing a hard hat or a cowboy hat. This is what the Left calls “inclusion.”

2017 Oregon Senate

For the record, Kate Brown is white. So is her #2, the Secretary of State. And the State Treasurer, Oregon’s two US Senators, the mayor of Portland and the mask-loving head of the Oregon Health Authority.

Here’s the Senate in 2017.

Even in urban Portland, blacks are scarce enough that most of the Black Lives Matter rioters are white kids.

COVID infections and deaths in Oregon

The Governor might argue, as she often does, that “communities of color” are harder hit by COVID, so we need to reach out to them. OK, here’s the data from the Oregon Health Authority. So far, 1283 Oregon deaths are attributed to COVID. 77% were white, 2% were black, right in line with the state’s racial breakdown.

The virus will eventually disappear. The pandemic of progressive delusions will be much harder to defeat.

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