Age of Miracles

The mainstream media is awash with vaccine news, almost all of it hopeful and cautiously upbeat. Help is on the way! Or as Oregon’s hapless Governor tweeted “hope is on the way.” Right now there’s no hope, but it’s coming folks, in the form of miracle vaccinations.

The miracle is that vaccines normally take up to a dozen years to develop, but with the urgency of the pandemic and billions of dollars on the table, we’ve done it in well under a year. And not just one pharmaceutical giant pulled this off — four have so far! Am I the only one wondering what the odds are? Four different American drug makers, not to mention the Russians and the Chinese, all of them cracked the COVID puzzle in record time. And not only that, they are safe and nearly 100% effective. Wow.

Am I the only one with doubts? Apparently not. Here are some doubting Brits singing “stick the poison vaccine up your arse.” Guess they won’t be lining up for the jab.

You don’t have to be an immunologist to know that a vaccine developed in the last six months hasn’t undergone any long term safety trials. And we aren’t talking about normal vaccines here, but in some cases an entirely new animal that uses genetic material to reprogram your cells to produce antibodies. Click here for the CDC explanation. So for the first time we’re trying out something really, really different on billions of people all at once. For a disease with a 99%+ survival rate.

To be clear, I’m not a COVID denier. I take it seriously. I know people who’ve had it and it can be bad, even deadly. Some of us are even wondering if that awful flu we had last winter might have been the ‘rona, which it seems was sneaking around back in December 2019.

Now we’re being told to trust the science. Uh … the same science that said we don’t need masks, but then we do? Wash your hands, but then said touching stuff is not likely to give you COVID? Quarantine 14 days until we change it to 7 or 10? Asymptomatic people can spread the virus – but not really? It’s super dangerous to eat in a restaurant but safe to eat on a plane? The science that says masks work even though virus particles are so small they can pass through cloth like a skeeter through a chain link fence?

When politicians tell us to trust the science, they mean trust the scientists they agree with. There are opposing points of view, by the way, heavily censored by the mainstream media and social media giants. We don’t know if these vaccines prevent transmission, if they work after 12 months, if they protect the very elderly. Or what the long-term effects are. So who and what can we trust?

I trust social distancing. I trust working from home. I trust eating a healthy diet, getting exercise and taking supplements like Vitamin D to keep the immune system strong. Get enough sleep and practice clean living. And if you have a bug-out place, now would be a good time to head there. Lockdown doesn’t feel so locked down when we’re away from the cities in the open, unpopulated places, breathing clean air. Get out into nature and we’ll find miracles all around us, miracles we can believe in.

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