Vaccination Passports

With 2021 and a big government Biden-Harris administration looming just around the corner, some Americans are nervously facing the specter of vaccination passports. The land of the free and the home of brave has mutated into a nation of safe spaces and protection from hurtful speech, so you can bet your stimulus check the government will do everything it can to protect you from that nasty coronavirus.

Being a nation of freedom and liberty, our protectors will never do anything dastardly like mandating vaccinations. Well, probably not at the federal level, though some blue state governors will probably try. Instead, we predict the new one-horse-pony president will keep us selectively safe by requiring proof of vaccination in order to do some things where we might infect other people. Like fly on airplanes, visit national parks, go to a school that gets federal funding, visit grandma in the hospital or work for Club Fed.

Never mind that there are reports here and there of vaccine recipients experiencing severe allergic reactions to the new drugs. Or that big pharma was warned that some folks don’t tolerate the polyethylene glycols in the vaccines. Big tech is already racing to produce smartphone apps that will let you flash your QR-code proof of getting the jab — or a negative test — on demand. This is basically the China solution and since the Biden family is so cozy with the Middle Kingdom, Joe can get plenty of advice, if he needs it, from Uncle Xi.

There are some logistical speedbumps, as the MIT Technology Review points out, since in America “patient data is fragmented across tens of thousands of health-care businesses” and digital interoperability standards are non-existent. There’s also no proof that either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will stop folks from carrying the virus and infecting other people because, well, they didn’t bother to do any routine testing of asymptomatic people in those rigorous trials they conducted.

Oh well, like all big government programs, nothing is ever done except in your best interest, so just relax and get the jab.

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