The moment we feared - those of us with our eyes open -- is upon us. Coronavirus, no longer happy to be last year's COVID-19, is mutating into a more highly infectious form. So far, the new strain has been detected in England and a slightly different version in South Africa. That alone should send … Continue reading COVID-20

Prepping for 2021

2020 turned ordinary suburbanites into insta-preppers.  Toilet paper grabbed the headlines and dominated the memes because, let’s face it, the twelve-year-old in all of us knows just where the TP is going even if nobody talks about it.  Less humorous but equally essential are all the basics our local Costco ran out of for weeks, … Continue reading Prepping for 2021

Paradise Lost

One of my favorite YouTubers for bug out videos is a Canadian named Shawn James. Shawn's two channels -- My Self Reliance and Shawn James Off Grid are a wealth of well-produced videos for the DIY off-grid enthusiast. You can watch Shawn build a beautiful back woods cabin, with no help, completely by hand. No … Continue reading Paradise Lost

Double Vision

Now you see it - now you don't. Seems everybody can have their own truth these days, but it's darn hard to keep track of what's what when that truth keeps changing. There was a time when CNN reported that Dominion Voting Systems' Smartmatic software was used to switch votes in a Venezuelan Election. Today? … Continue reading Double Vision