COVID Slave Nations

The history of humankind, regrettably, is a history of slavery, practiced in every corner of the globe. The Roman Empire's business model was built on conquest and enslavement. Conquered peoples were subjugated and paid taxes to Rome, or individuals were taken captive and put to work in the capital city, not only as domestic servants … Continue reading COVID Slave Nations

The Edge of Revolt

You say you want a revolution? Sure seems like our clueless leaders are cooking up one heck of a revolt. We've watched mayors and governors sit on their hands as rioters destroyed businesses, vandalised public property, committed acts of arson and attacked police. A handful get nabbed and most of them are tossed back on … Continue reading The Edge of Revolt

Lockdown 2.0

The assaults on personal freedom are spreading faster than coronavirus. The governors of Washington, Oregon and California are asking people to end non-essential travel. And some are hinting that pretty soon, requests could become requirements. Like a lot of the lockdown nonsense, these arbitrary rules make no medical sense at all. For example in Oregon:Persons … Continue reading Lockdown 2.0