Telemedicine Could Save Your Life

The medical establishment is plagued by conflicts of interest. Which is to say money. There’s widespread evidence that drugs such as ivermectin, azithromycin and doxycycline are effective against COVID-19, as are supplements such as NAC, quercetin, Vitamin D and zinc. But there’s no money to be made form off-patent medications or over-the-counter vitamins and herbs. And there’s huge money to be made from new, sexy patented drugs and injections.

And here’s the rub. The United States government cannot legally give an emergency use authorization to a new pill or a COVID jab if a safe and effective treatment already exists. Which is why you’ll find a big pharmaceutical company claiming that their own product is not safe for treatment of COVID! They want an EUA for their new, pricey patented drug. In this case I’m talking about Merck and Ivermectin, which has been taken some 4 billion times worldwide and is well-tolerated.

So powerful are the pharma giants, that YouTube has taken down videos of licensed physicians talking about Ivermectin. Dr. Mobeen Syed saw four of his Ivermectin videos squashed. DarkHorse podcaster Dr. Bret Weinstein, who is using ivermectin prophylactically, was demonetized. Fox News reporter Ivory Hecker was admonished, threatened and eventually fired for refusing to be silent about the fact that doctors in Houston were treating COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine.

Your local pharmacy may refuse to fill prescriptions for off-label use of some of these medications. Your insurance company will likely refuse to pay for them. And your doctor will refuse to prescribe them. They’ve gotten their marching orders. And in some countries they can go to jail for prescribing some of these drugs for COVID.

Believe me, I tried. I went to my primary care doctor and requested a prescription for ivermectin to be used in case I got COVID. I was turned down. They pitched me on the vaccine. I like this doctor, but I’ll bet he wants to keep his job.

Outspoken doctors are debunked and de-platformed. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a family physician from New York, was kicked off Twitter. Twitter suspended the account of Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan who publicly claimed that COVID-19 was developed in a Wuhan laboratory and Dr. Naomi Wolf was suspended for controversial statements about vaccines. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was kicked off Instagram for his posts regarding vaccines.

So what can you do? What if you or a family member gets COVID and your doctor can’t or wont help you with therapeutics? Dr. Zelenko has developed and published his treatment protocols and he will consult with you online. (Check out his interview with Dr. Drew.) Dr. Syed Haider will provide online consultations for COVID treatment.

You can also find a physician who will work with you at Text2MD: or PushHealth at You can often get a prescription by providing a medical history, answering some questions and sharing your ID. And if you want an online consultation via Zoom or some other teleconferencing app, there are many doctors who will do this, usually charging based on the time spent.

Finally, here’s an international list of doctors who will prescribe ivermectin.


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