Joe’s Secret COVID Plan

For months, Joe Biden has been telling the media he has a plan for COVID. The plan, apparently, is top secret, the details kept firmly under wraps. You’d think that the compassionate thing to do would be to put that plan out there right now and save as many lives as possible. Hey, at least the blue states might follow it, right?

Now a week since the election and we still have no idea what the Biden plan will be, other than exhortations to please, please, wear a mask. Mask wearing hasn’t stopped the virus from surging across states that mandate masks, or across Europe and Australia. So let’s take a guess at what the secret Biden plan might really be, beyond a mandatory mask mandate. Mandatory vaccinations? Maybe, but we won’t have a vaccine widely available anytime soon.

So what’s the master plan?

One country appears to have the virus under control to the point that life has returned almost to normal, and that’s China.

In China, anyone with COVID-19 can check into a hospital and treatment is free. No charge. This encourages people to come forward if they’re infected.

And China doesn’t mess around with western-style contact tracing — phone calls to everybody you can remember being in contact with before you got the bug. Nope, in China everybody is contact traced 24/7 via a QR code on their phone. The code is scanned when they go shopping, enter or leave an apartment building, board a plane or train, or go pretty much anywhere. If they test positive, the government already knows everywhere they’ve been and everyone who has been close. And forget about breaking quarantine – that QR code will rat them out immediately. Plus, quarantines are not all that voluntary. Entire cities get quarantined. Guns. Cameras. Checkpoints.

It works pretty well. People pay a price in a loss of freedom and privacy, but they can go clubbing or attend a sporting event. In a nation that values personal freedoms and bridles at bureaucrats telling us what to do, the China plan isn’t going to go down well at all. But maybe that’s the Biden plan and that’s why he’s not talking about it.

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