Democrats are praying that this election sends a message that Donald Trump was an aberration, a narcissistic con man who managed to cheat his way into the White House. They believe history will record him as an illegitimate president undeserving of the office. They’re blind to what has happened in America.

Trump has done something remarkable. Trump has united millions of conservative voices of all stripes who feel abandoned by the Republican party and hunger for a champion. Before Trump, the champions were scattered, fragmented — conservative talk radio hosts, right wing YouTubers, red-state religious leaders and a handful of conservatives and libertarians in Congress.

The more vigorous champions of liberty, militias and patriot groups, smeared by the Left as right-wing extremists and white supremacists, also found in Trump an outsider who speaks to them. Historically mistrustful of big government, they’ve opened the door for Trump.

The media paints the Ever-Trumpers as poorly educated, white rednecks. Fact check: Trump supporters are diverse. They include black conservatives, orthodox Jews, right-wing gays. They include the college educated. They include PhDs.

Trump didn’t create the narrative that the media lies, that our freedoms are in jeopardy, that illegal immigration is a threat, that Big Tech censors free speech. Millions of Americans already believed this. Trump gave them a voice. Trump distractors, such as his former attorney Michael Cohen, will tell us that Trump is a power-hungry opportunist, that he doesn’t truly share these conservative values. True? It makes no difference. Trump is speaking for millions who never had a voice before.

Trump’s numbers are bigger than ever, thought you wouldn’t know it from the polls. Huge rallies are being held all over America even when Trump is NOT speaking. And when he is? Compare 2020 rallies with 2016:

Phoenix, Arizona: 2016 vs 2020
North Carolina: 2016 vs 2020
New Hampshire: 2016 vs 2020

I have no idea whether Trump will remain president in 2021, but the regardless of the election outcome, Trump doesn’t lose. He remains the leader of the movement that coalesced under his first term. The passion has reached fever pitch. Trumpers in 100+ cars followed a Biden bus around Dallas! Biden ended up leading a pro-Trump parade!

The Ever-Trumpers have found each other and they’re not going away. And neither is Trump. Yes, he’s 74 but he’s already grooming his replacement. And it’s not Mike Pence.

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