October 21 * 2020

Two weeks remain until the election, and people are getting nervous. Excited nervous, and not for all the right reasons. A spin through the Twitterverse is enough to convince me the shit’s about to hit the fan because people actually want it to hit the fan.

In the meantime, there’s more than enough entertainment to go around. Hunter Biden’s laptop is the gift that keeps on giving, with only a brief reprieve thanks to Jeffrey Toobin and the instatrending of #MeToobin. Maybe he should have joined the #NoWank Proud Boys? But then it seems they’ve become a front for a nefarious group of Iranian election interferers. BTW Jeff, that Zoom meeting was to focus on the Election, K? Election. And speaking of the nether regions, it certainly looks like Rudy Giuliani had his paw in his pants only to discover he’d been pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen. Ooops. Trump’s doing back-to-back “lock-her-up!” rallies while the Twitterverse muses over what will happen #WhenThe DrugsWearOff. Sleepy Joe is hibernating; if he resurfaces and sees his shadow does it means six weeks before the election is decided?

But this craziness is just background noise to the steadily growing hum of Republicans in swing states registering in numbers that far exceed their Democrat counterparts. Both the never-Trumpers and the forever-Trumpers seem to agree that, if the Orange Man wins, the US of A is going up in flames. And God help the people of Portland.

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